Q. What is Jaaga? Jaaga is a collaborative, creative organisation that brings together different communities in Bangalore. We provide space and programs to nurture creative people across industries. We have three core tracks: Startup, Study and DNA.

Q. Where is Jaaga located? We have a Penthouse on Richmond Road in the thick of urban Bangalore focused on being a launch pad for creative entrepreneurs where were focus primarily on our Startup & DNA progams. We also have a gorgeous Banana Plantation on the outskirts of Bangalore focused on our Study program.

Q. What’s up with the Jaaga Living Building project? Our building is a super cool nomadic, temporary steel structure that uses racking components to create habitable space. Visit our Living Building Project to know more.

Q. Who are the people who made it happen? Jaaga was founded by Freeman Murray and Archana Prasad. Jaaga Startup is a partnership between Archana Prasad and Dr. Tej Pochiraju. However Jaaga in general would not have been possible without the interest and support of our crew, various collaborators, volunteers and friendly supporters.

Q. How long do you intend to run Jaaga? As long as there is interest from the public and we feel that our three Jaaga tracks are relevant to us and the universe.

Q. How can I jump in? Join our Study program, become a Startup member or join our DNA events. If you are ea creative practitioner, join our collective ILAKA.ORG.

Q. None of these answers helped me, what do I do? Ask your question vial email to startup[at]jaaga.in, dna[at]jaaga.in or study[at]jaaga.in