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Jaaga Study is an open learning environment set up to help young people become technology professionals, and pioneer a simple sustainable way of living in nature. It takes place at Hamsah Organic Farm just outside Bangalore. Participants live in tents or huts in a mango orchard. We do yoga weekday mornings, volley ball or basketball many afternoons, share food and enjoy a relaxed way of being.

There are a couple ways to be at Jaaga Study:

Open Study

A plethora of high quality learning material is freely available on the internet, but it can be hard to get through it with the usual distractions that come from living at home. The Jaaga Open Study program provides a fun collegiate space for people who know what they want to study and have the necessary self confidence and discipline to learn on their own. We ask open study participants to stay for the whole quarter, to be clear up front about their learning path and goals for the quarter, to blog regularly about their progress, participate in some community activities and present what they’ve learned at a final ‘Demo Day’ like event at the end of the quarter. Open Study participants can choose what they like to study. We are especially excited to invite people getting into machine learning, chatbots, web development and Ethereum smart contracts. Open Study participants pay 30,000 inr up front for the full duration October 2 to December 16, 2017. This includes access to the farm, meals and internet.
Applications Closed

Digital Nomads

People who want even less structure or can’t stay for the whole quarter can still experience life at the farm with Jaaga Study by coming in as a ‘Digital Nomad’. There are no explicit requirements of digital nomads, though we encourage people to participate in activities and engage with the community in a positive meaningful way. Nomads pay 5000 inr for their first week on the farm and 3000 for each week there after. Apply to be a Digital Nomad at Jaaga Study.

Checkout Previous Quarter Pics:
Jaaga Study 2016 4th quarter pics.
Jaaga Study at Hamsah Farm 2015 – 2016 pics


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